- I’m not a fan of programmatic advertising -- not because  I’m a Luddite or I don’t understand how it works. It's because programmatic advertising cheats everyone involved (except some in the tech stack). I’ve been part of some of the critical innovations that power programmatic today, from the development of the dynamic ad server to the introduction of cross-site behavioral targeting, to the establishment of audience data-centric cooperative models. I believe in automation. I believe in auctions. I believe in targeting and addressability. I believe in real-time decisioning. However, ... [Read More]

- SEOs who adopt the growth mindset will be able to provide integrated services that span across paid search, mobile, content, social, display and email. We know that SEO is a huge priority for marketing; 61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority ( ). But across the organization – right on up to the C-level – brands are now starting to tap into the full potential of their SEO talent. As an SEO, you have amazing potential to become ingrained in your organization’s DNA, as you have the best insights and knowledge into what ... [Read More]

- The update underpins Facebook's efforts to contain user data – but it's a concerning signal to advertisers. Facebook quietly updated its terms of service for its Advanced Mobile App Measurement program in January, barring mobile app advertisers from using device-level data for any purpose other than measuring campaign performance on an "aggregate and anonymous basis." The change took effect on January 22. With the change, Facebook mobile app advertisers can no longer use device-level data for any of the following: To target or retarget ads To redirect with tags To sell to third-parties To ... [Read More]

- Like many another buzzword, the term customer experience (CX), has entered the language. And over 80% of companies worldwide agree that CX provides a competitive edge.  But many brands are failing to deliver a hyper-personalized experience, largely because of the inability to understand data, according to 2020 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report, a global study by UK-based NTT, a provider of CX service. For instance, 73.7% are operating without enterprise-wide CX analytics: Only 32.1% can perform cross-channel relationship analysis. And 50.3% aren’t aligning data capture needs ... [Read More]

- Marketing automation platforms offer numerous benefits bystreamlining manual B2B marketing tasks, including lead management, email campaign development and landing page creation. The proliferation of digital channels and devices has made it more difficult for B2B marketers to accurately target prospects with the right messages, on the right devices, at the right times. Prospects are managing more of the buying process themselves, creating decision short lists by researching brand websites and social channels without ever speaking to a sales rep. Faced with these challenging market dynamics ... [Read More]

- Content Sponsor Zopto Attract hundreds of hot leads by targeting your ideal customers on LinkedIn with Zopto, an automation tool for LinkedIn outreach. Read more from Zopto In an ever complicated and competitive digital world, it can feel difficult finding new ways to generate leads for your business without spending an arm and a leg to do it. Don’t lose hope; you can outsmart the competition with strategies that are often underestimated and underutilised.  Here are three super-powerful lead generation tactics to try in 2020.   1. LinkedIn InMail marketing  You may be killing it when it ... [Read More]

- Identity is the foundation for personalization. Without knowing who your customers are at every interaction, it becomes virtually impossible to treat them as individuals with unique interests and preferences. Identity solves this by recognizing customers across touchpoints and supplying the intelligence to personalize the experience . Establishing a comprehensive identity strategy to support personalization is complex. However, when done right, it will drive better experiences while improving marketing effectiveness. Put identity at the center of the customer strategy Identity strategy for ... [Read More]

- At last count, there were almost 5 million pieces of brand-influencer collaboration content on Instagram, a number that’s only expected to rise in 2020. And Instagram is constantly evolving and changing to keep up with demand. As such, content creation on Instagram has become a streamlined process that makes both content consumption and creation simple. With continuous changes coming in to make the Instagram User Interface (UI) more pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate, it looks like Instagram will be a firm favourite among creators and consumers for a while yet. Here, we explore ... [Read More]


- " Data-Driven Thinking " is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by  Mario Diez, CEO at Peer39 . Behavioral is the dominant method for targeting online advertising, to the point where it’s become nearly synonymous with the concepts of both “targeting” and programmatic advertising itself. Indeed, programmatic revenues account for 80% of all digital display advertising revenues , and it’s safe to say much of this is driven by behavioral targeting. This is obviously going to change, following ... [Read More]

- The search engine optimisation landscape is always changing. The speed of change means that SEO strategies can quickly become outdated. Although yours might still be driving results, it is always worth exploring your options to identify whether a change in approach will drive even better results that will help you to reach both your short and longer-term digital objectives. Although its complexities are arguably too numerous for a single person to grasp, maintaining a solid base-level understanding as to what’s happening with Google’s algorithm is essential for staying on the right side ... [Read More]

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