- Marketers now have to decipher consumer behavior characterized by very unpredictable and non-sequential paths. Customer Journey Optimization crunches terabytes of omnichannel data to identify and visualize which customer paths are driving engagement or conversion, and optimize the best performing paths in real time, says, Diaz Nesamoney, Founder & CEO, Jivox. Traditionally marketers were taught to respect and use the hallowed “marketing funnel,” and the idea was a brand would cast a wide net using broad messaging and then entice consumers through a “path-to-purchase.” This funnel ... [Read More]

- For job seekers, time is of the essence. So should you focus the little time you have on optimizing your LinkedIn profile or your resume? The ideal is that you spend time and energy refining both marketing tools, as well as your cover letter, networking pitch, and reference list (yes, professional references are critical and too often overlooked!). Both LinkedIn and resumes are used by employers and recruiters to vet candidates, but because the two materials are different, they have different advantages: Advantages Of LinkedIn Flexible The structure of a LinkedIn profile allows you to include ... [Read More]


- In B2B e-commerce you must focus on your online tactics and technology, bringing in new customers, and keeping the existing ones happy. You also have to maintain an optimal revenue mix of new and repeat customers, to boost business growth and achieve sales goals. We discuss five B2B e-commerce tips to boost sales and increase repeat customers. B2B e-commerce is a slightly more complex world than the B2C e-commerce one. Here, finding a new customer, and retaining an older one is a matter of even bigger stakes for sales reps as they mostly rely on inbound sales. Experts say it costs four to 10 ... [Read More]

- By following these tips, you'll be sure to create a digital presence that captivates millennial consumers. Ecommerce sales in the United States are projected to surpass $504 billion by the end of this year -- and millennials are historically a driving force in the ever-increasing growth of online shopping. What's better, they are currently the most valuable target demographic for modern businesses. But, with a plethora of digital marketing tactics, remarketing campaigns, email campaigns and more inundating consumers, how can brands capitalize on this digitally inclined demographic to boost ... [Read More]

- American companies are increasing their spend on third-party data despite industry-wide concerns over . According to a study from Data Center of Excellence and Winterberry Group, US firms are projected to spend $19.2bn on third-party audience data, up 17.5% from last year. Jonathan Margulies, managing director at Winterberry Group, told The Drum that the third-party data market is largely being driven by two factors: the continued growth of data-enriched digital media and burgeoning marketer interest in identity-oriented data. "As advertisers continue to grow their budgets on display, search, ... [Read More]


- People have been telling stories for thousands of years, and the elements of what makes a good story have changed precious little in that time. Through the stories we tell, we not only entertain and connect with others, but we also convey information about our own beliefs, tastes and aspirations. Brands use stories in the exact same way, and the best marketers understand how important stories are when it comes to demonstrating the how, what and why of a brand’s offering. Although the components of a good story remain as they’ve always been, the process of telling a story in the digital ... [Read More]

- Find the right marketing automation platform for your business. Regardless of your company’s size and marketing sophistication, marketing automation tools can provide the following benefits to the organization: Increased marketing efficiency. Enhanced ability to generate more and better-qualified leads. A multichannel view of prospect behavior. Better alignment of sales and marketing goals. Improved lead conversion and ROI. MarTech Today’s “ B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide ” examines the market for B2B marketing automation software platforms and the ... [Read More]

- There has been a great deal of discussion around influencer marketing and its effectiveness and validity. The industry is filled with communications professionals who swear by it, and other digital experts who say it's ineffective because consumers realize they're watching a paid endorsement and so tune it out. My own analysis suggests that those in the latter camp are wrong. I've long been a skeptic of the impact of sponsored versus organic content, but I couldn't ignore the fact that my own millennial circle was consuming, sharing and engaging with influencer content. They didn't seem to ... [Read More]


- A new service allowing B2B marketers to deliver personalized content in every email sent by their employees has been launched by Uberflip and Sigstr. The integration enables firms to stream content to segments based on target accounts, personas and geographics. Each such email would contain a relevant call to action, the firms say. The service also facilitates cross-platform and conversion analytics, the firms add. The capability is available to clients of both firms at no cost, the firms state.   One shared client, Snowflake Computing, has been using the integration to deliver tailored ... [Read More]

- As consumers' expectations for relevant advertisements increase, brands not only need to find highly viewable environments to place ads, but they also need to consider different ad formats to deliver more meaningful messages. The today (5 December) released its Opt-In Value Exchange Advertising Playbook for Brands , a guide to an ad format most prevalently associated with the gaming space. Susan Borst, vice president of mobile at IAB, said opt-in value exchange ads have a worthy place beyond gaming. “If there are any misconceptions that [opt-in value exchange ads are] only in gaming, think ... [Read More]


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