- Integral Ad Science (IAS) on Friday became the first ad-verification company to partner with the Google Ads Data Hub, a privacy-focused data platform for advertisers. The IAS integration provides advertisers with viewability, measurement for ad fraud, and brand-safety measurement for YouTube via Ads Data Hub. Using Ads Data Hub, advertisers can upload first-party data into BigQuery and integrate it with Google’s event-level ad campaign data. Combining their data with Google's event data can unlock insights, improve advertising efficiency, help you achieve data-driven business goals, as ... [Read More]

- News from Terminus, Macy's, Drift, Forrester and IBM. Terminus integrates with Salesforce Pardot Terminus, the ABM platform, has integrated with Salesforce Pardot, the B2B marketing automation solution. Pardot users can now access Terminus account data and information in the Pardot platform, allowing for a more streamlined marketing automation operation. The integration will also allow for more in-depth reporting, heightened analytics, shared data and the ability to implement lead-to-account campaigns. This announcement follows the ABM challenge to supplement corporate IP data with data from ... [Read More]

- inPowered is helping brands target engaged visitors. Time on page is a familiar metric for content success, although it’s obvious that a page can be left open with no engagement happening. inPowered, the AI-driven content marketing, has proposed a minimum 15 seconds of engagement as optimal, and is reporting positive business outcomes. Post CPC/CPM metrics. The intention is to get away from vanity metrics or meaningless total traffic reporting, and focus on visitors who are actually engaged with a piece of content. Data is used to drive a post-click customer journey, with AI making ... [Read More]

- No marketer would argue the crucial importance of personalization — particularly at this extraordinary time, when the chaos of regional reopenings and reclosings is forcing advertisers to struggle like never before to deliver appropriate messages to consumers dealing with different circumstances.  And while consumers are increasingly concerned about misuse of their data, research indicates that they are also increasingly open to relevant, useful personalization in advertising.  A recent survey on attitudes about personalized advertising, conducted among U.S. adults by the ... [Read More]

- If you want customers to purchase your product right away, then you better have the write stuff. Sales copywriting is probably not new to those in business , but can we really say we’re using it to its fullest potential? With customers staying home and shopping from their couches, solid copy may be the best sales technique available to you, if you use it right. Here’s why sales copywriting matters more than ever, and what you can do about it. What is direct-response copywriting? Direct-response copywriting is sales copywriting in its most powerful form. Simply put, it’s sales copy ... [Read More]

- This article is sponsored by Xandr. Nearly one-third of TV and streaming viewership now takes place through OTT platforms – an increase of 23% over last year according to Xandr’s 2020 Relevance Report and eMarketer . But capitalizing on this shift is about more than simply expanding OTT ad inventory. Publishers who wish to maximize OTT’s potential must create an offering that looks past near-term ad revenue optimization to actually improve the viewer experience. To do this, however, they’ll need to balance the control of direct sales with the liquidity and yield of programmatic deals. ... [Read More]

- Google has been building support for audio advertising and on Thursday announced new tools for advertisers to create ads and connect with listeners on platforms like Pandora, SoundCloud, and Spotify. One tool, called Audio Mixer, aims to make it easier for advertisers to create audio ads that can run across multiple platforms. This audio capability is found in Display & Video 360 and should simplify the ad creation process, making it easier to find the right audio inventory for brands, as well as improve campaign measurement. There are multiple times a day that users can be reached through ... [Read More]

- Google is building out its programmatic audio infrastructure. On Thursday, the ad giant launched in beta a bunch of new offerings in Ad Manager and DV360 for programmatic audio buyers and sellers. This is the first time Google is providing programmatic sales capabilities for audio publishers in Ad Manager. “We’ve seen growing interest from our publishing partners to monetize their audio content,” said Carol Walport, a product manager for Ad Manager. Google also launched dynamic ad insertion and forecasting capabilities for Ad Manager and a dedicated marketplace for audio ads in DV360, ... [Read More]

- It risks cluttering up Instagram. Earlier this week, Facebook finally released its latest attempt at a TikTok rival. It’s called Instagram Reels , and as its name suggests, it’s actually a feature that lives inside Instagram, without an app of its own. While incorporating Reels directly inside an already popular app gives it a good chance at succeeding, it also adds clutter and bloat to the Instagram experience, and after trying it out, risks confusing users.  At first glance, Reels looks and feels extremely similar to TikTok. The username, caption and audio track are displayed on the ... [Read More]


- . However, though the ROI can be high, top-quality content marketing requires a significant time investment—from planning to writing to editing to distribution. For insight into how B2B leaders can (and should) contribute to content marketing efforts, here are three key content marketing initiatives that especially benefit from leadership participation, input, and energy. 1. Webinars For many, webinars remain one of the most popular forms of B2B marketing outreach: Of all the webinars held within a year, To pull in more attendees, having presenters with "CEO," "president," or "executive" in ... [Read More]

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