- When it comes to online business success , websites are always looking for new and reliable ways of boosting their website traffic and achieving the best possible rankings on Google, Yahoo or Bing. And now that everyone wants to increase their organic rankings and the number of clicks to their websites, here are 5 useful procedures that you must execute. So, read on if at all you are looking for that ongoing online success. 1. Start with analysis and research on your competitors’ progress SEO is all about beating your online competitors, so carrying out a detailed analysis and research on ... [Read More]

- Email continues to produce the best ROI of any channel — 59% say so, according to the 2018 Email Marketing Industry Report, a study by Campaign Monitor. But it raises a question. Is this for real, or does it reflect the fact that few companies are investing in advanced technologies? Case in point: Only 53% are using automation to trigger email campaigns. And a mere 5% plan to invest in AI or machine learning this year. And there are many lapses in best practices. Only 24% use automation to trigger a welcome email or series, and 24% utilize it for multiple workflows. In addition, 53% never ... [Read More]

- One of the first lessons you learn as a content marketer is that your sales prospects don't care about your company. They certainly don't care about your products. But what's absolutely certain is that they do care about themselves. Smart marketers know that and use it to appeal to their target audience. After all, what good is investing time, dollars, and resources into content creation and distribution if it's going to miss the mark with your prospective customers? Here are three methods for getting prospects to care about your marketing content. 1. Create content they care about This first ... [Read More]

-   The most useful features, eBook and news items published on MTA last week, in one handy list – just in case you missed it!   INDUSTRY INSIGHT   The purpose of ABM is to bring synergy to sales and marketing teams to ensure improved lead generation and audience engagement. An effective ABM strategy can drive revenues and higher conversions. to learn from the experiences of leading ABM practitioners.   TOP MARTECH ARTICLES   Does demand gen reside within the marketing org structure? Debbie Qaqish, Principal Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of The Pedowitz Group and Category Advisor ... [Read More]

- At last, there is a way to pull all the data together for deep, actionable, behavioral insights.. I don’t think there's a single good marketer who doesn’t want to know his or her customers. Most successful marketers strive to understand their customers so they can pick the right channels and the right messages to reach them. These days, the best way to understand your customers is through data. And through the magic of big data, we no longer need to look at our customers at the aggregate or the segment level. We finally have access to data on individual customers and prospects that we ... [Read More]

- It's no secret that the marketing industry has been shifting from "data-based" solutions to "identity-based" ones, but a new report published Thursday by the Association of National Advertisers indicates that it is expanding at a rapid clip. The report, which was developed by the DMA (recently acquired by the ANA) and The Winterberry Group, projects that identity solutions spending by U.S. marketers will expand form just under $1 billion this year to $2.6 billion by 2022. The report, which defines identity-based marketing as "the effort to recognize and understand individual audience members ... [Read More]

- Contributor Megan Taggart recommends regularly auditing paid search accounts to assess the need for segmentation or aggregation which will bring value to your marketing programs. Structuring paid search campaigns can be an iterative and subjective process, and the path to an “ideal” structure is often paved by best practices and tactical preference. The ultimate goal, however, is achieving a structure that allows for optimal end-user experience while rapidly gathering sufficient data to make informed, efficient optimizations at scale. Marketers have a myriad of levers and ... [Read More]

- Advanced TV technology company BrightLine will incorporate data from the location intelligence firm Cuebiq into its over-the-top video ad platform. Specifically, the deal gives publishers and advertisers access to Cuebiq’s Footfall attribution capabilities, which track visits to physical stores, dwell time and other location-based data. Given that OTT ads are already capable of being personalized and targeted, the Cuebiq data is meant to help marketers make sure that they are having an impact on targeted consumers. The companies say that an initial analysis of BrightLine advertisers using ... [Read More]

- By now you all must be aware of the fact that search engine optimization is not optional but mandatory. This, in fact, is the easy part, but the harder side is SEO and it is hard. After all, there is so much for you to know and learn – On and Off-page SEO, Content Marketing, Keyword Research, Social Media Optimization and so on. Do not panic, as this is the beginning of your journey. Why is an SEO strategy important? Search engine optimization is worth it. If your aim is in rocketing your website to the coveted top spot you need to follow a plan that is well-thought out. In the absence of ... [Read More]

- Check out these important Search engine optimization stats for 2018. Everyone wants their business featured on the first page of search results but getting there is a challenge. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help get your brand in the top ten returns. In order to use SEO to your advantage, you need to keep up to date on constantly evolving changes of the top search engines. Keep scrolling for 72 of the top stats you need to understand for this year from SEO Tribunal .     [Read More]

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