- When you own a local business, reaching new customers is paramount for success. While traditional methods may have worked in the past, digital marketing now reigns supreme. Finding the right digital marketing strategy that makes sense for your goals requires research and time. As a business owner, one of your top options is SEO (search engine optimization), but more specifically, local SEO. Through the years of specializing in SEO, I have discovered that some factors impact local search results ... [Read More]


- Waves by Influencer ensures brand safety through full creator and content approval. Influencer, a global leader in influencer marketing, has today announced further updates to their new technology platform, Waves. Waves by Influencer offers brands and agencies full end-to-end data transparency around their influencer marketing campaigns, achieved through real-time campaign data and insights, dynamic creator tracking, approval functionality and proof of success. In this latest round of updates ... [Read More]


- Many entrepreneurs build profitable businesses with huge potential. But then, they forget one crucial thing – building a professional website to complement the business. A second-rate website can put off potential visitors and make them click away from it too soon. An unprofessional website can also damage your business reputation. There’s no sure-fire way to impress your visitors because their expectations change from time to time. However, we know a thing or two about the things you can ... [Read More]

- According to specialists, there is no secret to running a successful PPC campaign. Really good campaigns are built by hard-working people who understand their audience and use the right tools that help them keep the campaign and its outcome under control. Therefore, we will take a look at the factors that are most influential for a PPC campaign’s success and discuss the pros and cons of using ads to boost your sales. How to Run Successful PPC Campaigns If you understand how PPC works and what ... [Read More]

- Evaluating creative performance is key to successful advertising campaigns. At least that's what BrandTotal suggests, based on results of a survey conducted in April in which more than 500 CMOs of consumer-facing brands across the United States participated. The idea was to better understand how these companies evaluate their advertising creative performance and impact. The leading factors for these campaigns are media at 48%, and creative, at 52%. The creative part seems to have a lasting ... [Read More]

- Instagram iOS app users are being told the same thing. Facebook is no fan of Apple's iOS 14 privacy updates, which ask users for their permission before allowing tracking within individual apps. In response, the social network has started suggesting that without tracking, Facebook and Instagram wouldn't be free services. As The Verge reports , the references to a "free of charge" service were first spotted by technology researcher Arshkan Soltani, who tweeted images of Facebook and Instagram ... [Read More]


- Updated May 3, 2021 So your content failed. You’re not alone. In between those pieces that clearly hit the mark, we’ve all published a few – or more than a few – that missed. There’s plenty of advice on content optimization techniques to apply to articles that are already pretty good. And there’s even more on how to reuse, republish, or repurpose your highest-performing content . It’s a sure-win tactic to include in your content marketing strategy, we’ve run many articles about ... [Read More]

- This article is sponsored by LiveIntent. At LiveIntent, we fully support consumer privacy. There is an organic desire for consumer privacy, transparency and choice from the public and it must be respected. However, there isn’t an organic desire from the public to have Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon be the outsize beneficiaries of these privacy changes. When LiveIntent designed our privacy approach, we developed it around the tenets that make email the workhorse of CRM: it requires opt-in ... [Read More]

- Facobook/Instagram and Google are the top channels for retargeting, but email comes in third, according to The 2021 Outlook on Retargeting, a study from SharpSpring Ads, conducted in partnership with Ascend2. And the channels apparently are working, to some degree. Of the brands polled, 36% report they are very successful at retargeting, or best in class, versus 58% that are somewhat so. Only 6% say they are somewhat unsuccessful. In general, the channels most used for retargeting are: But the ... [Read More]

- In B2B, the buyer is in charge. It's time to adopt buyer-driven marketing strategies It’s fall 2022. We’ve moved past the lockdown and are in a bar with a group of marketing peers at an industry event reflecting on the past few years and all the transformation B2B marketing has gone through. What would be the breakthrough decisions you made? What changes, bets and/or investments would you have made 12 or 18 months ago that accelerated marketing’s impact? This is how I try to operate and ... [Read More]

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