- Search engine marketing came in at No. 2 in an Association of National Advertisers (ANA) survey conducted in August, with 30% saying they handle the media planning or buying services in-house, up from 27% in 2013 Social media at 40% -- up from 28% in 2013 -- topped the ANA’s 2018 list. Search engine optimization came in at 28% for the No. 3 spot -- up from 22%, respectively. About 45% said they do not handle any media services in-house, down from 47% in 2013. Overall, 55% of marketers who responded to the survey -- The Continued Rise Of The In-House Agency -- said their media planning or ... [Read More]

- Aaron Goldman (CMO, 4C) talks about how hyper-specific segments are key to figuring out the targeting needed for different parts of an audience. At Social Media Week New York 2018 , Aaron Goldman , Chief Marketing Officer at 4C , discussed how data can reveal surprising and counterintuitive insights, and how marketers can leverage these insights to better engage with their target audiences. In this clip, Aaron talks about how hyper-specific segments are key to figuring out the targeting needed for different parts of an audience. Read the full recap and sign up for SMW Insider to watch the ... [Read More]

- Called Braze Alloys, it’s one more step by this former mobile marketing platform (when it was known as Appboy) toward expanding its channel and functional reach. Braze (formerly known as Appboy) has been broadening its scope since it was founded in 2011. It began as a mobile marketing and customer relationship platform and now, as it addresses other environments such as desktop websites and connected TV, it describes itself as an customer engagement platform. The New York City-based company has now taken another expansive step, launching an ecosystem of 45+ integration applications called ... [Read More]

- New York:  33Across , the attention technology company, announced on October 16, 2018, the launch of its Viewable Header Bidding adaptor – one of the industry’s first header bidding solutions to surface a real-time viewability signal for every impression. This new adaptor will provide a direct connection between header bidding publishers and AttentionX, 33Across’ new viewable exchange.  The 33Across Viewable Header Bidding adaptor for Prebid is currently available for download for all publishers. Today, many publishers integrate directly with 33Across tag-based solutions, which ... [Read More]

- This article is part of a 4 part series on customer data platforms sponsored by Jahia. Customers are interacting with your brand in more ways than ever before. Mobile devices, social media sites, online communities, call centers,email; All of these touchpoints produce volumes of valuable customer data in an endless variety of formats. Unfortunately, much of this data is typically housed on individual platforms in organizational silos and is not fully accessible to the marketers and business professionals who need it. It’s not ‘clean’ data — data that is structured and formatted in a ... [Read More]


- Dive Brief: More than four out of five every digital display ad dollars in the U.S. are bought programmatically, according to eMarketer forecasts  and the report “US Programmatic Ad Spending Forecast Update: Video Powers Significant Growth through 2020.” Most digital display dollars, or 86.5%, will transact programmatically by 2020 compared with 82.5% for this year.  Programmatic direct accounts for the largest share of programmatic ad spending, at 58%. Open marketplaces account for 29% of transaction volume and private marketplaces for 19%. Social API-based buying is a big driver of ... [Read More]

- Many marketers still struggle with identifying which marketing tactics are working, which aren’t, and how to improve. When performance is lagging, it’s easy to assume it’s the result of poorly executed campaigns. In reality, it may be how performance is measured. The digital age has not only altered how consumers behave, but it’s also made marketing extremely complex. TV and radio now work alongside digital marketing to reach and engage consumers. If marketers can’t get a holistic view of customers as they traverse multiple touchpoints and devices, then they can’t accurately ... [Read More]

- The company's new Attention Metric measures actions that signal a lack of attention, such as yawning, blinking and eye movements. Realeyes’ dashboard measuring the attention of a test viewer. As artificial intelligence (AI) its machine learning subset get more advanced, analytics get deeper and more nuanced. One proof point: Realeyes’ new technology that can tell advertisers if test viewers are paying attention or not. Emotional tracking is not new. Tobii has been offering eye tracking analytics for several years and Truthify launched its emotional AI this summer. But Mihkel Jäätma, CEO ... [Read More]

- Intercom, the customer platform helping businesses grow, today launched Answer Bot, a bot that uses machine learning to help businesses scale support and grow by automatically answering customers’ most frequently asked questions. Answer Bot lets businesses tap into the magic of AI and see value from bots by combining a powerful machine learning engine with an easy-to-use curation tool. Unlike other smart machine learning engines, Answer Bot doesn’t require humans to become bot-building experts and instead offers nice-to-use software that makes it easier than ever to implement and actually ... [Read More]

- There’s no doubt that social media is a valuable marketing tool. In fact, some businesses use only social media to engage with consumers and market their products. Using only one marketing approach is almost never a good idea, but social media can have an impact on your SEO efforts. Social media doesn’t directly impact SEO, of course, but it can indirectly affect your website’s rankings in Google in several ways. 1. Social Engagement means more traffic to your website When people engage with you on social media, they will often move directly from your social media account to your ... [Read More]

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