- Hybrid cloud container technology allows data collection to reside on brand domains without third-party cookies. With browsers cracking down on third-party cookies, how do advertisers deliver personalized digital ad creatives in a privacy- and browser-compliant fashion? Jivox , a company that specializes in dynamic digital advertising solutions, released a new identity technology Monday that it says can do just that. How it works. The new technology called Jivox IQiD takes a page from the hybrid cloud concept to enable brands to collect, control and use data without third-party cookies. “We ... [Read More]

- In the complex media world we work in, who doesn’t want things to be simpler and smarter? Take local television , which for the viewer was once as simple as grabbing the remote and choosing from a handful of options, and for the media professional was as simple as using Nielsen ratings to measure those viewers. Today’s TV environment offers viewers a virtually limitless supply of options on many different platforms. As technology continues to weave its way into how and where consumers watch local TV, it’s imperative to be able to count the entire local audience, everywhere they view. ... [Read More]


- Let MarTech Today's 'Enterprise SEO Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide' help you make the informed choice. Over the years, Google’s search engine results page (SERP) has evolved from 10 simple blue links to a more dynamic view with Sponsored Ads at the top of the page, and more than 20 other SERP elements. While this makes the Google SERP more advertiser- and user-friendly, it means that the top organic search results appear further down the page and SEO marketers need to work harder than ever to get their content seen. Many digital marketers now use some form of SEO Tool, be it free or paid, ... [Read More]

- We said hello to BERT (Google’s latest algorithm update) on at the end of October…and what a great update it is. BERT who? BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is an update to Google’s Natural Language processing in search that follows on from RankBrain, which was announced by Google five years ago. It handles tasks such as entity recognition, part of speech tagging, and question-answering among other natural-language processes. BERT is said to be able to better understand search queries through greater comprehension of the context behind a query so that users ... [Read More]

- Mumbai:   Netcore Solutions, a SaaS-based Multi-Channel Marketing Automation and Communications, has acquired a Bangalore-based AI startup, Netcore Smartech will now further empower digital brands to deliver truly Omni-channel Personalized Experience at Scale for every individual across all the Digital Touchpoints such as Websites, Mobile Apps, Email, and Social Media throughout the entire Customer Journey. Marketing Technology News: harnesses the power of customers’ Eyeball, Intent, Behavioural, Demographic, Device data among others to provide the most Relevant and ... [Read More]

- Outbrain partners with Ividence to launch a new extension of its native placements into publishers’ newsletters. Outbrain has launched a new extension of its native placements into publishers’ owned newsletters. The integration enables publishers to create and monetise the best online experiences for their audiences across all content formats, including web pages, mobile apps, and newsletters.  With newsletters forming a key part of publisher audience loyalty and retention strategies, the Outbrain newsletter solution enables publishers to avoid reliance on intrusive advertising formats ... [Read More]

- At a recent QBR with one of our publishers, we were walking them through our evolved buyer strategy when they interrupted and asked why we were putting so much effort into engaging with buyers when we were an SSP? Not only an SSP, but one that claims loud and proud, to be PUBLISHER-CENTRIC? The buyer ‘strategy’ that had generated this response was the one whereby we stated we were actively working to provide buyers (brands and agencies) with a number of supply path optimisation options. The whole SPO approach makes sense, as buyers look to remove complexity from supply chains by reducing ... [Read More]


- By Nov 7, 2019 There’s no doubt that reaching audiences through social media is valuable for fostering customer engagement. When it comes to building more meaningful relationships, however, it’s often best to continue the conversation offline. That’s why 87% of C-suite executives believe in the power of live events and plan on investing in them more in the future. And to meet this need, there are many platforms for arranging professional events such as Facebook Events and Eventbrite. And now LinkedIn has now gotten on board by offering its LinkedIn Events feature. Here we'll look at the ... [Read More]


- With talks of digital transformation, data analytics and artificial intelligence, the marketing landscape today has no doubt gotten more complex. CMOs of today, said MRM//McCann global CEO Kate MacNevin (pictured) are challenged to understand the value exchange that comes with the data they collect. Despite the large volume of technologies in the market today, MacNevin said that ultimately its the human-centricity is what will set companies and great CMOs apart. Blindly deploying tech will do nothing to achieve the results that marketers are looking for. “We cannot let the data and tech ... [Read More]

- U.S. businesses of all sizes are expected to spend $154.6 billion on local advertising in 2020, up from $148.6 billion predicted for 2019, according to research firm BIA/Kelsey’s U.S. Advertising Forecast for 2019. Local marketing growth is being driven by low unemployment and general optimism for future growth, which has led to greater consumer spending as well as a desire among advertisers to capture those dollars. MarTech Today’s “ ” examines the market for local marketing automation platforms and the considerations involved in implementation. The 61-page report reviews the growing ... [Read More]

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