- What are CMPs and how can they help your business balance effective marketing with data privacy compliance? Using consent management platforms (CMPs) has become paramount for businesses striving to comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other privacy regulations.  CMPs play a crucial role in balancing the scales between effective marketing strategies and the stringent requirements of data privacy compliance.  GDPR: a quick summary The General ... [Read More]


- Landing pages convert visitors into customers by encouraging actions like requesting more information, purchasing, or signing up for a newsletter.  Common landing page mistakes can result in reduced conversion rates. A poorly designed page can result in a high bounce rate where visitors leave quickly. Enough of these mistakes can result in a lack of credibility and trust in your business.  Creating landing pages properly is key. The Importance of an Effective Landing Page A ... [Read More]

- Going cookieless? Not a problem, right? Dear advertiser, are you collecting first-party data and upgrading your contextual strategy? Do you find that there is enough cookied inventory out there and that Google's Privacy Sandbox will have you covered? Let me put it plainly: You're taking a huge gamble on your company's ability to reach its target audience, and time is running out! We, at Intent IQ, have developed a unique set of technologies, tools and advertiser solutions to fill the gap in ... [Read More]

- Understanding the 2023 update to Google's Search Quality Rater guidelines In the 2023 revision to Google's Search Quality Rater guidelines, the technology powerhouse has undoubtedly shifted its focus toward comprehending user intent and ensuring that the search engine's outcomes align with user expectations. The update, which comes nearly a year after the prior edition, seeks to refine the rating system and resolve any discrepancies in search result quality. With this new emphasis on user ... [Read More]


- Link building is hard. In fact, it's so hard that 41% of experts see it as the most challenging part of search engine optimization (SEO). That's because acquiring backlinks can often be costly and time-consuming. To make things worse, investing your time and resources doesn't always guarantee high-quality and do-follow backlinks. The thing is, ranking high without backlinks is almost impossible. That's exactly why you need to master the link-building game. The good news is, I can help you with ... [Read More]

- Learn how to set data-backed PPC budgets for 2024 success. Get tips on goal-setting, cross-channel analysis, and getting executive buy-in. The pressure is on for marketing leaders as we round out the year. The directive is to end 2023 strong and prepare for 2024 long before it's started. Although the new year is still weeks away, budget planning shouldn't be a last minute shot in the dark.  Budgets are created from company goals, historical data and forward-looking considerations. To make ... [Read More]

- Stay ahead in television advertising with addressable TV ads, AI-driven personalization, shoppable ads and more. Television advertising has undergone significant transformations in recent years, and 2024 promises to be no different. Advertisers must adapt to remain relevant and effective as technology evolves and consumer preferences shift. Here are a few of the key trends shaping the future of TV advertising in 2024. 1. Addressable TV advertising Despite some challenges, addressable TV ... [Read More]


- Introduction to Google Performance Max Google's Performance Max (PMax) campaign type, launched in 2021, is revolutionizing the online advertising landscape. It has garnered both acclaim and critique, yet it remains an indispensable advertising instrument powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This article explores the fundamentals of PMax and provides guidance on optimizing its use for optimal outcomes. PMax utilizes AI and machine learning to efficiently allocate ad ... [Read More]


- See how MarTechBot responds to a prompt and how the prompt can be improved. Today: personalization and real-time interaction management. Best of the Chatbot showcases  MarTechBot's  responses to prompts submitted by readers. The language model is based on content from MarTech embedded on top of ChatGPT. The editors of MarTech selected this response for its usefulness and have supplemented it with additional relevant content. I am the first generative AI chatbot for marketing ... [Read More]


- As the online environment becomes more competitive, your business needs PPC management, which plays a key role in attracting targeted traffic to websites and increasing brand awareness.  With PPC management, you can direct targeted traffic to your website or company's target pages. After reading our article, you will learn all about the importance of such advertising, as well as who should be trusted with its customization in order to improve the return on investment and increase your ... [Read More]

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