- There are few who would argue that TV viewing has fundamentally changed over the past couple of years, as consumers turn their backs on traditional linear broadcasts and flock to streaming services. eMarketer's 2019 Global Media Intelligence Report states that 94.4% of Indians already stream video on demand (VOD) content. And while some have been quick to declare the era of TV over, for the advertising industry this isn’t the end of TV, rather an opportunity to bring together the benefits of TV and digital through programmatic technology. Programmatic gets a bad rep in the traditional TV ... [Read More]


- PPC i.e. Pay –per-click marketing is a channel where marketers can advertise and don’t pay by the impression or purely for ad placement. Placement may be affected by the bid amount but the advertiser only gets paid when his/her ad is clicked by an online user. On popular PPC ad formats like the search result pages of Google and Bing search engines, advertisers have the opportunity to place their brand, product or service front and center in the form of an advert. This ad targets either a specific behavior or keyword. Most PPC ads appear on search result page but not all. Three main types ... [Read More]

- Amazon on Thursday introduced a targeting feature in Sponsored Display for U.S. sellers. The feature, available via Seller Central, aims to promote the discovery of new products by reaching those who browse similar or complementary products and categories across the marketplace. The option turns the retargeting tool into what some might refer to as a cross-category discovery tool. It allows advertisers to target those searching for running shoes with running shorts or sweatshirts, for example. Cross-promoting products is another option. Sponsored Display product targeting can help marketers ... [Read More]

- By Apr 3, 2020 Video is one of the most effective and powerful ways to communicate with consumers and drive sales. In fact, 52% of marketers believe that video has the best return on investment (ROI) of all content — compelling more companies to make video a bigger part of their communication strategy. However, brands often face challenges related to resources and budget constraints when it comes to executing a video strategy. That’s why it’s so important for companies to truly understand the factors that contribute to video’s ROI. Video Metrics Worth Watching In thinking about ... [Read More]


- Digital marketing is becoming a popular and fast marketing method to advertise your product or company/. Many leading companies in the market use digital media for marketing proposes. There are many digital platforms available nowadays that we can use for promoting our business. These digital media include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. all these digital media platforms comprise of massive traffic. Hence, it becomes easy to deliver our message to more number of people in less time.   are very important if you’re planning to grow your business. That’s why most companies use ... [Read More]

- Our MarTech Minute briefs first appear in the MarTech Today daily newsletter. Click here to subscribe so that you can start your day “in the know” for all things martech-related. MAP MAKERS. Digital and mobile experience platform Airship has added a new feature to its Airship Journeys platform which uses AI to interpret data. It creates data […] Our MarTech Minute briefs first appear in the MarTech Today daily newsletter.  Click here to subscribe  so that you can start your day “in the know” for all things martech-related. MAP MAKERS. Digital and mobile experience platform ... [Read More]

- A recent study analyzes a variety of organic search and paid-search data, but one of the most interesting findings analyzes the type of search results from a query that lead the searcher from the engine to a website. surveyed 496 business owners and marketing pros about their use of Google Ads and SEO methods, analyzing the benefits from each. Then the company surveyed 522 search engine users, analyzing their perceptions of paid and organic search results. The findings dig into the return on investment associated with paid and organic approaches and how users view search ... [Read More]

- Paid search pro and SMX speaker Amy Bishop explains the various micro-conversion options and how to determine what's best for your audience. SMX Overtime is part of our SMX speaker series from SMX presenters answer questions from attendees on a variety of topics. In February, I had the pleasure of speaking at SMX West about the ins and outs of top-of-funnel search campaigns. Since then, I’ve had a few follow-up questions come in, which I’ve answered below. What kind of micro-conversion do you recommend for top-of-funnel? There are so many good options for top-of-funnel micro-conversions. ... [Read More]

- A huge thank you to everyone for tuning into Tuesday’s (31st March) webinar with PerformanceIN and RedBrain on Driving Incremental Sales Through Shopping Ads on Google . As part of this exclusive sessions, speakers from RedBrain, Google and Waterstones shared their insights, experiences and tips to help retailers drive incremental sales through the use of Google Shopping Ads. Shopping ads on Google is described as the largest growth opportunity for most online retailers ( with brands needing to invest resources into feed management and utilise format variations to ... [Read More]

- Content is the king you might have heard but the queen for this king is the search engine optimization strategies. Each search engine operates in a unique way, and generally google is the search engine which most of the content writer will refer to. So, in this article we will also keep an eye on those search engine strategies which google will love. If you have got a business and your website is ready, then the first thing you must do is to consult an SEO agency, they will guide you in planning the sort of content which will suits you the best. Many people think that hiring a writer will be ... [Read More]

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