- There are a lot of lead generation tools present in the market. But deciding the best lead generation tool depends on your targets. If you're looking for potential customers, you'll need a tool that can help you target them specifically. In this blog, you will be introduced to some types of lead generation tools that you can use to target potential customers. Types of lead generation tools One lead generation tool that can be helpful focuses on Professional Ads. Professional Ads allow you to ... [Read More]

- Meta has reservations about ad tech's favorite new toy box, while advertisers worry it will be late to the party READ THIS NEXT    Meta sued for skirting Apple privacy rules to snoop on users Meta is starting to talk more about data clean rooms as one answer to post-cookie advertising, but it has some reservations about the technology that is among the industry's most-hyped products. Dennis Buchheim, VP of Meta's advertising ecosystem, said he is worried that ad tech leaders at an IAB ... [Read More]


- While Google keeps updating its algorithm, privacy policies, and other alterable things to offer a sophisticated experience to the users, there are certain things that this giant search engine keeps consistent. One such thing is the keywords.   Keywords are an extremely essential component of every website available on the web. Through these particular keywords, Google can evaluate a website and rank it on search results. Without appropriate keywords, a website is nothing but a futile ... [Read More]

- Packaged goods brands put 52% of online video ad impressions on CTV last year, moving faster than other sectors READ THIS NEXT    Amazon's first 'Thursday Night Football' broadcast beats forecasts Connected TV devices now account for more than half of online video impressions for consumer packaged goods advertisers, overtaking mobile and desktop devices, according to research from converged TV and measurement platform Innovid. CTV accounted for 52% of CPG video impressions last year, ... [Read More]


- Online brands not using video might be missing a trick. For The Drum's e-commerce deep dive , Kimara Saldanha and Robyn Bailey of agency Found explore a new creative approach to campaign structure and video content. It's easy to get caught up in chasing new developments and expanding tech capabilities when your team should really be championing what you already have and thinking creatively about how you can use it better. But the most important thing that marketers and advertisers can bring ... [Read More]


- Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing platforms that can help you grow your business and earn massive profit from it. This, however, is possible only when you know how to use the platform effectively to increase your ROI . Instagram is one platform that can either make or break your marketing strategy . So why not use it effectively to make sure that it only helps you positively? One way of doing that is by the proper use of hashtags. Instagram hashtag is a combination of meaningful ... [Read More]

- Introduction As a small business owner, you know that getting found online is important. But with all the competition out there, how can you make sure your website is ranking high on Google and other search engines? In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the latest tips and tricks for SEO, including keyword research, on-page optimization, and social media marketing. So whatever your business goals may be, be sure to check out our blog for the best advice! SEO is the process of optimizing a ... [Read More]

- Life is about balance. Day and night, predator and prey, birth and death. Many view these as opposites, but I consider them counterweights that keep our world in balance. We can say the same about the cookieless and future-proofing discussions currently taking place. Marketers have relied on cookies for years because they were the best option for data collection and storage. But as consumers' privacy expectations grow, the scales have tipped in favor of alternative, privacy-forward solutions. ... [Read More]

- If you need a sign to take the plunge into influencer marketing, this is it. Lauren McFarland from Journey Further tells us that it can solve multiple business challenges at once. As Henry Ford once said, "stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time." We know from previous economic downturns that the businesses that continue to advertise at the same rate, or higher, achieve higher growth rates post-recession than those who reduce budgets. Most businesses are ... [Read More]


- Kroger Precision Marketing expands its private programmatic marketplace to include video and CTV. CPG brands and agencies tapping into supermarket chain Kroger's retail media offering now have access to CTV and video for their campaigns. These new channels are available through Kroger's self-serve Private Marketplace, which was launched in 2021. The addition of CTV shows how far retail media businesses have come in supporting omnichannel campaigns for brands. This week, Walmart added easier ... [Read More]


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