- If you’re responsible for creating exciting content for your brand, then you already know how challenging it is to consistently come up with fresh and engaging ideas. Technology is evolving. And fast. And with it, so are the new possibilities for digital content. With the constant influx of new innovations and ideas, it’s tough to keep up with all the latest and best tools to create engaging digital content. In order to succeed, you need your audiences to believe in your business. In fact, this is imperative: 59% of Britons say they’ll stop using a brand they don’t believe in. But we ... [Read More]


- Which one is right for your business? Marketing automation platforms form the backbone of marketing operations, increasingly serving as sophisticated marketing orchestration platforms. A range of platforms is available to marketers depending on their firm’s size, budget and level of digital marketing sophistication. The more basic functions of marketing automation have become somewhat commoditized, so platform vendors mostly look to differentiate their platforms based on the ability to scale, as well as usability, ease of implementation and customer experience. MarTech Today’s “ B2B ... [Read More]

- Therefore, it should come as no surprise that tradeshows, conferences, and just about all live events have become essential tools for implementing exceptional marketing strategies. No other medium works better to create an emotional bond between your brand and its customers and prospects. Of course, as with any marketing strategy, there are right ways and wrong ways to approach live events. Make sure your live experience aligns with your brand messaging and supports your overall marketing strategy. Choose the right kind of event. Consider the wants and needs of your attendees above all else. ... [Read More]

- Engaging with your community can be hard for organizations of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business looking for topics to start a dialogue, or a larger organization trying to foster authentic conversation, interacting with your community means strengthening ties with your existing network. to help organizations of all sizes join in meaningful conversations with LinkedIn’s community of more than 630 million professionals and 34 million Pages. Marketing News:  Today, LinkedIn has announced new features for LinkedIn Pages that make it easier to engage your community and participate in ... [Read More]

- Shahista Kassam shares her takeaway from the Seattle event: SEOs need to advocate their value while expanding their writing competencies and developer skills. At a very young age, I knew digital marketing was the career for me. I was instantly drawn to the evolving search landscape and intrigued by customer behaviors on search. To me, SMX Advanced not only amplified my passion for search marketing, but it also provided me the opportunity to network and learn from the best industry thought-leaders. Here are my three major takeaways from attending SMX Advanced in Seattle. Communicate Google’s ... [Read More]

- Social media marketing, unlike most common marketing methods, is rewarding. However, it can be very challenging and even lawless sometimes. So, as to overcome those challenges, here are some social media marketing problems with their solutions, by  Danny Kariuki  Freelance Writer , Wonderlic. Businesses are using social media marketing to grow their brand. They have been able to do this through several strategies, including using the help of social media marketers. They range from content creators, community managers, and general digital directors. Social media marketing, unlike most ... [Read More]

- Juniper research forecasts Amazon’s advertising revenue will reach $40 billion by 2023 -- up 470% since 2018, driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The tech should attract advertisers doing business today with Google and Facebook, but overall by 2020, Juniper expects AI will contribute to rising costs per ad. Demonstrating that better ad targeting can match current return on ad spend will become essential. Overall, Juniper forecasts total ad spend on digital advertising will reach $520 billion by 2023, up from $294 billion this year, according to the research titled Future ... [Read More]

- Get the latest update from TechGenyz Subscribe to TechGenyz newsletter to get daily update direct tp your inbox. Scan to Join You might have optimized your website with the standards of search engine optimization to reach SERPs. Likewise, you have to optimize the company profile page to improve the exposure of your business. It is an essential part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Well-optimized company page increases the visibility of your page in the LinkedIn platform such that more visitors will come to know your brand. [Read More]

- Artificial intelligence is an exciting development, but marketers should not rely on it too heavily. By Solomon Thimothy, founder of Clickx Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most revolutionary technologies out there today, particularly for marketing. Because your marketing strategy is all about understanding and adjusting to your customer’s needs, AI makes it easier to deliver tailor-made solutions to each individual. However, AI is still developing. It’s a new technology and, therefore, most of us haven’t nailed down the appropriate ways to introduce it into our marketing ... [Read More]


- A year after Twitter introduced a programmatic advertising program for publishers, it is shutting down the pilot network. The idea was for publishers to generate revenue on their own sites from embedded tweets. Called Timeline Ads, the program placed Promoted Tweet ads into the feed — or timelines — that publishers embed in their websites, according to Business Insider , which first reported the news. Ads were placed among the first 20 tweets in an embedded timeline. Publishers including The Street and Advance Local, which owns 25 local news sites, including, and ... [Read More]

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