- Are you marketing based on what people say or the data that shows what they actually do? BOSTON, MA — At our MarTech Conference this week, Amos Budde, VP of applied data science at Civis Analytics, discussed the importance of data credibility and the ways it powers marketing decision making. Data is at the foundation of our digital marketing efforts, but it is often faulty – and many marketers don’t think twice about it. Budde offered key points for marketers to consider when applying metrics to a marketing strategy in order to avoid setbacks and erroneous outcomes. Don’t trust ... [Read More]

- This post was previously published in an earlier edition of Media Insider. The emergence of digital-first, direct-to-consumer brands as a significant, growing pool of new TV advertisers was a big theme this past spring during the upfront. I believe that D2C brands will become such an important part of the TV ad industry over the next few years that they will end up reshaping in their own image much of how TV advertising operates. Why do I believe this? One, because television generally, and TV advertising specifically, are in critical phases of transformation. Two, because digital technology ... [Read More]

- VidMob's survey of Instagram users indicates that the platform's shoppable ads are generating a solid rate of direct sales for advertisers, although the response rate for specific ads isn't totally clear. The findings suggest that Instagram is a platform for product discovery, especially for fashion and beauty products among female shoppers and tech products among males. Four out of 10 people who see a product they like on Instagram do additional research within the app, while about 60% research products in other apps or websites, indicating that users are still somewhat wary about making ... [Read More]

- How can you tell a truly engaging story in B2B - from brand to customer? When thinking of storytelling, especially in B2B, eyes often glaze over and even seasoned marketers offer up the same ideas of connecting with the customer without explaining how. I bring in Brian Glover , Director of Product Marketing for Marketo Engage and several big brands like Foot Locker, L’Occitane, Sprint and TiVo to share their wisdom on making B2B stories shine and create long term relationships that customers will never forget. “Running promotions with unqualified customers results in one-time purchases ... [Read More]


- Already a fixture across mobile and desktop, YouTube is now making masthead ads globally available within its connected TV (CTV) app. YouTube is hoping to draw even more ad dollars to its fastest growing medium. Anish Kattukaran, YouTube Ads product lead for emerging experiences, said the company’s CTV app has been the “fastest growing surface across all of YouTube” for the last few years. The Google-owned video platform is opening up more ad inventory on its CTV app as consumption habits change. While he couldn’t highlight specific numbers, Kattukaran said that session time and ... [Read More]


- The retargeting and prospecting audience solutions are now in open beta. Microsoft Advertising is continuing to invest in audience targeting products. “[Our offerings have] evolved from keyword attribution to more audience attribution as we develop our AI work and Microsoft Graph,” said Microsoft Advertising GM, Steve Sirich, in a phone interview Tuesday. “We continue to drive more aggressively into audience marketing. Two audience solutions are now in open beta, the company . Product audiences is aimed at converting past site visitors, while similar audiences can help advertisers reach ... [Read More]

- One of the constant challenges in advertising is the creative process of turning a brand or idea into a piece of content that will connect well with audiences. The right ad can draw the attention of swarms of potential new customers and increase brand awareness. Yet, what happens when the client’s industry is less exciting? To help you craft creative content regardless of industry, nine industry experts from Any brand today must simply magnify what is true about themselves rather than rely on superficial short-term messages intended to “catch eyes.” A brand within a classically ... [Read More]


- Media spending may be over-concentrated on Facebook's News Feed, based on Socialbakers' study of more than 140,000 brand profiles on Facebook and Instagram. While Facebook's News Feed receives more than half of media spending, only 20% goes to the Instagram Feed while about 10% is spread among Instagram Stories, Facebook Suggested Video and Facebook Instream Video. About 30% of media spending goes to non-performing content that earns a "C" or "D" for quality, as determined by Socialbakers. This suggests that marketers would be better off shifting ad spend from Facebook to Instagram. As for ... [Read More]

- The visual search technology that powers Pinterest's Lens camera searches can now identify more than 2.5 billion objects within the fashion and home industry. Pinterest announced on Tuesday it has advanced its Lens capabilities , making it possible for the visual search tool to now identify more than 2.5 billion fashion and home products. With this latest advancement, the company is adding fashion and home related Shoppable Pins to visual search results. “Now, when you use Lens within a fashion or home Pin to hone in on a specific product or object, you’ll see shoppable Product Pins (Pins ... [Read More]

- David Wharram, CEO of Coast Digital explains how advertisers can utilise YouTube as a way of diversifying their audiences and delivering effective, engaging campaigns across any budget. Have you left YouTube out of your company’s digital marketing strategy? If so, your brand is missing out on a platform which streams over one billion hours of content to your potential customers every single day. When it comes to diversifying your audience, there’s no other medium quite as effective as video, and it’s a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Cisco predicts that, by 2020, video will ... [Read More]

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