- New York:   Taboola , the discovery platform, announced partnerships with landing page builder Landingi and Instapage . Marketing partners of Taboola will now have access to both platforms to analyze landing pages, optimize campaigns and drive better acquisition goals.  MarTech News: Vonage Launches CX Cloud Express Contact Center Solution Landingi will provide Taboola’s brand marketer clients with templates to design and optimize their landing pages to convert website visitors into paying customers. Marketers will be able to A/B test landing pages and manage leads to increase ROI. ... [Read More]

- ClickDimensions announced that the company is expanding its comprehensive marketing platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365 by acquiring Sweetspot, a leader in the marketing dashboard space. With the addition of a marketing dashboard that is purpose-built for marketers, ClickDimensions customers will have easy, on-demand access to analyze and optimize campaign, channel and revenue-impact performance data. “As evidenced by the recent spate of acquisitions of data platforms by marketing technology providers, data is more critical than ever to modern marketers’ success,” said Mike Dickerson, ... [Read More]

- OMD China has released its (the fifth edition of the research series) unveiling trends shaping China’s media landscape from transparency in OTT to the increasing importance of data safety. Here are the five key findings from the report: 1. Transparency in OTT OMD’s research reveals that there is an increasing number of consumers who are watching OTT platforms for longer time periods each day. However, the OTT landscape remains fragmented and blurred. In 2019, advertisers will need to find trusted partners, such as the Baidu-Alibaba-Tencent (BAT) companies, due to their robust tracking and ... [Read More]

- has added lookalike audiences to its ad offerings after beta testing the tool over the last year. Lookalike audiences are nothing new, . LinkedIn's director of product, Abhishek Shrivastava, said it "took us some time" to build the tool. Marketers could already go to a platform like Facebook to discover new audiences using existing customer data. LinkedIn is now offering that for B2B marketers by making it easier to find company names or job titles. Audience templates, another new offering, streamline the process of finding audiences. According to Shrivastava, it's a one-step process that ... [Read More]


- With push notifications, there's never been a more direct way for publishers to build brand evangelism and reach their audience. But if the digital publishing community focuses on incomplete metrics, then there's a real risk of breaking the whole system, echoing recent statements from the IAB regarding "clickhead" advertising , acknowledging that we need to rethink how we measure online value. Without an appropriate framework to measure long-term push notification strategies, publishers walk a tightrope between engaging their audience and spamming them. Although high amounts of click-throughs ... [Read More]


- Check out the latest upgrades made to Bing around voice, image and answer search. Bing announced large upgrades to their text-to-speech capabilities in voice search, improvements to their intelligent answers and visual search capabilities. Intelligent answers. Bing’s intelligent answers are now smarter by leveraging their very own deep learning models, they said. Bing said they can now answer “harder questions than ever before” by being able to use advancements in GPU technology. “Instead of the relatively simple answer to ‘what is the capital of Bangladesh’, Bing can now provide ... [Read More]

- We are seeing an explosion of simple bots for internal processes. But here's the next evolution, according to Avanade. When it comes to predicting what is going to happen with bots in the enterprise, we need to look to the past because bots and AI are not new, they are just more readily available at scale and cost. Within the last year, almost every major brand has a bot. In fact, it’s hard to not find a brand that doesn’t have some form of experiment or live bot. The graphic below is just a snapshot of the companies who have some form of chatbot today. It feels a bit like the old app ... [Read More]

- We’re constantly bombarded with an influx of information. Yet another content piece espousing how things have changed in the marketing industry, news about technological advancements, and the latest trendy phrases and jargon. Ironically, the saying “change is the only constant” seems to really be the only thing we can count on these days. Amid all these developments, what does the future of marketing hold? Let’s get personal Real brand engagement is all about being personal – it’s important to build one-to-one relations where consumers and fans feel like they are truly valued by ... [Read More]

- The days of last touch attribution may be numbered. Here’s what retail marketers need to consider before making the switch to a multi-touch model. Retail marketers have debated the end of last touch attribution for over a decade now. In today’s omnichannel marketing world, where consumers shop across a variety of devices and channels, attributing a sale wholly to the last interaction before purchase is outdated and inefficient. That’s because you can overly emphasize low-funnel activities at the risk of neglecting efforts to fill the top of the funnel. The customer journey has grown ... [Read More]

- Marketing Evolution is announcing that it has raised $26.1 million in growth funding. The New York City-headquartered company says it can measure marketing across different channels, delivering the data while the campaign is still running, to a dashboard full of recommendations on how to make the campaign more effective. It recently introduced what it calls an automated data pipeline, with an “extensive process” for verifying that the data being used is timely and relevant. “What is holding back marketing from realizing the vision of personal and profitable marketing is the mess of data ... [Read More]

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