- The holy grail for marketers has always been to correlate spend with sales. In B2B, especially for larger purchases, measurement is further complicated given an average 14-month sales cycle involving five or more decision makers. Yet, a few chief marketing officers are getting closer, deploying a complex martech stack with more than two dozen separate technologies that help identify, track, nurture and qualify a lead before turning it over to sales. One of the masters of this approach is Brian Kardon, CMO of Fuze, a cloud-based unified communications provider. As the former CMO of Lattice ... [Read More]


- Integrate, a specialist in what it calls B2B demand orchestration, has acquired ListenLoop, a software firm that offers a B2B account-based programmatic platform. Terms were not disclosed. In line with the acquisition, Integrate has launched a B2B programmatic platform. Key features include account-based targeting and engagement, data integrity services and ABM measurement. One client, Gigamon, has used the solution in order to boost its programmatic ABM, "aligning brand awareness with demand generation," said Marina Lemas, integrated demand marketing at Gigamon. Integrate's software is used ... [Read More]

- The omnichannel customer experience is proving to be the key to the consumer’s heart — and wallet. A report by the Aberdeen Group suggests that brands with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement retain approximately 89 percent of their customers , in comparison to 33 percent of brands with a weaker omnichannel strategy. However, executing omnichannel marketing campaigns and experiences can be expensive, which ultimately leads brands to have to decide; how “omni” should we go? CMSWire, with the assistance of leading industry experts and practitioners, looks at how far brands ... [Read More]


- Dive Brief: Nestle is one of the first brands to partner with Dunnhumby to leverage a new media service from the customer data science firm, enabling the CPG to promote an on-pack deal for Tesco customers on owned and paid channels, including in-store, mobile, online and out-of-home, according to a press release .  Dunnhumby Media created an “insight-driven, multi-channel media plan” that reached 5.8 million customers and led to an 11% sales increase. Stores with point-of-sale and JCDecaux's digital screens generated 33% sales increases compared to the 15% for stores with only ... [Read More]

- Avatria, a digital commerce firm and developer of innovative e-commerce solutions, announced the launch of Avatria Convert. Avatria Convert is a new platform designed to help online retailers increase their e-commerce conversion rates, adding intelligence to category pages in order to help customers find what they need. Avatria Convert works by utilizing a company’s existing Google Analytics data and machine learning to identify the products that are most likely to be purchased, then updates the site to assure that customers see the most relevant results at the top of the page. Convert ... [Read More]

- The ability of advertisers to reach consumers in specific geographic locations has always been a unique out-of-home (OOH) advertising strength. A focus on location and contextual relevance is a big reason why OOH provides value to advertisers and consumer —  and always will. However, as the advertising business has changed, so has OOH. Today, data sets provide opportunities to leverage new tools, insights and planning approaches to reinforce the value of OOH as a medium with a distinct focus on the power of audiences in locations. Consumers’ embrace of mobile technology and smartphones ... [Read More]

- What goes into a successful ABM strategy? An account-based marketing (ABM) strategy recognizes that B2B purchase decisions are often made by a group of individuals within the company. ABM tools automate many of the data and workflow processes that enable this approach. This 60-page guide from MarTech Today brings together everything you need to know about account-based marketing tools and implementing this software into your business. Topics covered include: Critical elements for ABM success. Who the leading players are in ABM. What you should look for in an ABM solution. What trends are ... [Read More]

- Augustin Ory, CEO, The Moneytizer, shares five basic tips for small and medium-sized to best navigate the quickly changing advertising landscape in the new year. The world of programmatic advertising has advanced at such a rapid pace that it is sometimes practically impossible to figure out what the key pieces are to deploying a successful strategy—as a publisher or advertiser. The pace at which all of the actors evolve and change requires constant adaptation. There are no magic formulas to determine what factors lead to the optimal outcome. But if publishers think like advertisers, they ... [Read More]

- The research firm predicts the fall of CX as top priority, the advantages of user-controlled data, the automated generation of content at scale and a cutback in marketing analytics. Marketers are trying to find a balance in the midst of massive destabilizing forces, according to a recent study from research firm Gartner. But, says the report, titled “ Predicts 2019: Marketing Seeks a New Equilibrium ” [available for Gartner clients], the new balance that will emerge in a few years will leave a landscape that looks significantly different from the one that currently exists. Voice, Privacy ... [Read More]

- For instance, 75% of online articles don't earn any external backlinks, and 50% get two or fewer interactions on Facebook, a study by Moz found. That's not a surprise. Content supply has overtaken content demand, resulting in a phenomenon referred to as Why should you invest in content distribution? in this era of content shock. Carefully managed content distribution is how you can overcome the content-shock challenge and deep in Google's search engine results pages. Here are some more reasons you should invest more into the distribution of your content: Social media is the new SEO, Where and ... [Read More]

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