We found that people want to do business with brands and people they know, like, and trust. What’s changed is how you connect to them! 

We invest in companies in the Data Science, Digital Media, Marketing, & Creative landscapes.
Connectivity Holdings is focused on cultivating opportunities with those who strive to deliver transparent, measurable results for brands across the U.S. and internationally.

Our current portfolio includes:

Connectivity Strategy

Connectivity Strategy is one of the largest independent media buying services in the U.S. They focus on helping marketing teams and agencies develop sound strategy across digital, traditional, social, and experiential spaces.

Creativity MultiMedia

Creativity MultiMedia provides dynamic creative in the digital space, across 20+ different platforms. With a team of seasoned designers, they can create almost any type of dynamic ad and video format needed in today’s complex digital environment – at speeds often unmatched by their contemporaries.


YouConnex helps brands and agencies develop lead modeling, tag management, and data science integration for brands across the U.S., Canada, and internationally. Their New York office is a leader in developing and connecting clients with more than 100 partners in the data partnership space.

Bid For Media

Bid For Media provides invitation-only, turnkey, ready-to-use digital campaigns for media companies and agencies. These themed campaigns are often built specifically for certain vertices that have a need for actionable campaigns that can also deliver measurable and trackable results.

Sparx Search & Social

Sparx Search & Social has successfully managed over 4 million dollars in social and search across the U.S. and Canada. From big brands like Johnson & Johnson and First Watch, to more localized brands like Margaritaville and Empath Health, they implement the latest in paid, organic, influencer, and reputation management, with the reporting brands need to stay relevant in an ever-changing space.
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