Connectivity Strategy provides full media strategy and buying services to agencies looking for an opportunity to increase their scope of work if they do not already offer media strategy
and/or support media teams who may be stretched.

Connectivity Strategy is uniquely positioned to provide support at a scalable level and/or allow PR and creative based agencies to offer media strategy as a service extension. This provides agencies with the chance to better understand how programmatic is priced, while also reducing the need to often carry full teams in-house.

All services include:
• Full transparency
• Dedicated US based account team
• Dedicated US based strategy and buying teams
• Full reporting suite – weekly or monthly
• Transparent billing
• Ability to add in an additional agency management % upon request

Areas of specialization include:
• Medis strategy
• Planning
• Buying
• Placement and reconciliation across traditional, experiential, and digital

Transparency Protection Guarantee:
Our teams all work with agency clients via NDA to ensure full client protection. In addition, teams are fully transparent with the work being done as if they are simply an extension of the existing team.
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